Friday, February 23, 2018

The Easy Way to do 'Virabhadrasana'


This is the Virabhadrasana yoga post. It helps us to relax our back and spine. I will show you how to do this post today! 

By the way, you can choose a different place to do this, and I choose that let my roommates doing this at our apartment.

For the start, you need stand on the mat and apart from your legs.  And, you should open your arms to the side, make your feet in the right wrist. To remember that your tiptoe should forward, and make left foot slightly inside the clasp. The outward direction of the right toe is dominated by the second third toe of the foot. 

But, you need to remember this important point! Try your best to keep the keen and your toes on the same line. Just don't let the keen over the toes because this might make your keen gets hurt. 

Next, your buttocks should not be tilted back, and the tailbone will be slightly closed. The trunk is completely perpendicular to the ground, and the force will be placed between the legs. Then the hips will be opened. Lengthen the spine up, and keep the back of the neck stretching, slowly twist the head, eyes to the right direction.

when you take it back, breathe in the head, straighten your knees, and exhale your hands on your hips and forward your toes. And do the opposite in the same way.

Monday, February 19, 2018

About M. Stanton Evans Symposium

        About today’s symposium today, I think I learn something new. And this was my first time to take part in this kind of discussion. I’ll use different classification to describe the routine of today’s symposium.

  • 1. Characters of symposium 

In the beginning, Dr. Spurlock who is the director of Hall School of Journalism started the meeting, and he introduced the Dr. Callahan. Next, Professor Stewart explains why we need to join the meeting, and how important it is.  Then, he introduced the keynote speaker.

The speaker was Craig Pittman, and he had many rewards. For example, he won environmental and investigative reporter for the Tampa Bay Times. He is an author of four books, and he introduced his one of the books named ‘Oh, Florida!’ Also, he is a former student at Troy State University.  And he was here from 1978 to 1981.

 Of course, there are a lot of journalism faculty, staff, and a student joins this symposium.

  • 2. The topic of symposium

For the start, I will show you what is the subject of discussion.

For the destructive, Mr. Pittman said: “Yes, we were destroyed things, we destroy the image, all images. Because we were telling people, this image is not correct, this is the reality., this is what you need to know. And this person is not telling the truth.

So, yeah, we were being destructive in a good way. The way is journalism is always in the way that we should be.

In my opinion, I think that it is might be true, because we are in the media field, and we need to report and present all of the things id true. We have to do this as a journalist. But people know something from different ways, newspaper, social media, online, or just listening and talking.

Therefore, there is probably exit some fake news, wrong information or something that people don’t want to believe. Once a journalist reports this news, there something might be broken or someone’s value may be changed. That is why it said journalists have destroyed things.

  • 3. The content of the discussion.

Mr. Pittman talked about right now about stories, books, even TV.  Like the reporter and columnist for Florida’s Largest paper, four books, and occasional TV appearances, and get paid to tromp through swamps and ride around on boats. Then was the foaming at the typewriter.

there’s a lot of kinds of stuff he talked about. For instance, the W-B era, little paper, and big headlines, not all of it were serious, crazy in Alabama, the sacrifice and the solution, lessons learned, and the unified field theory and so on.

4. About my favorite parts

For me, I really agree that Mr. Pittman said how to get organized. First, we need to start building a timeline; it means we need to schedule the time.

Secondly, build a list of sources, such as what time when I do the specific things. Next is type up details. And the last is create and use spreadsheets. 

To sum up, I cannot agree more this point, and I need to take this suggestion immediately.
Also, I have learned from this symposium.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Three Yoga Poses for Beginners

There are three yoga poses that are suitable for beginners are not all fit for beginners who have just started yoga. So, let’s get started!

  • 1. Tree yoga

In the beginning, you need to stand with your legs together, and let your hands clasped in front of your chest in a prayer position. Make sure that your back straight, your chest up, and your shoulders up.

Next, you need to open your tiptoe and use the power of the thigh muscle in the left leg, bend your knee, crus to the service level, and make the left foot is on the right thigh root. However, if you are beginners like you can't accomplish, and you can use your hand to help complete.  Just try to do it and do your best.

Then, keep your body in balance, avoid moving back and forth to hold this position, and do five even breaths. If the leg is not flexible enough, the foot can also be placed on the knee of the lower leg. To feel that you like a tree firmly in the ground and breathe deeply.

  • 2. New moon yoga

Start with the new moon yoga tree pose, you need to take a step forward with your left foot, so that your left foot will be raised with the heel of your foot on your toes and your legs straight.

And then bend your knee to right, but let the foot on the mat as the same as the lunge. Next, lift your arms up, palms up at the top of your head, and press down on your shoulders and back. Keep you have good breath during this process.

For the first step, you need to in the new moon pose, with the left foot landing and twisting 30 degrees. Then, make sure that your legs are straight, the upper body to the left to twist 90 degrees, and the right heel and left foot on the same line.

Third, bend your right knee and land on your feet.  To keep your shoulders and buttocks relaxed; make your arms to the sides straight up and palm down. Next, move your fingers forward and feel the touch of the wall. In the end, keep your eyes on your fingertips, hold for a moment, and do five even breaths.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Yoga Accessories

Hey! I am Tan! How are you feeling this day when you doing yoga? Do you feel a little relax?

There are some people might not really know what we need prepare when we doing yoga. So, I will introduce to you what do we need to yoga.

  • 1. Yoga Clothes 

For the top of yoga is not necessarily you need the special style of the monk's  robe, but the temperament is the most important. The key is the spirit, the understanding is the comfort, and the perceptual.

So, when you're shopping for a coat, just pay attention to the little details, and you'll be able to get a nice and a bonus for your beauty.

For the pant, you might me need to prepare two pairs of slacks for yourself. One of the best is sport-style knit slacks, or you can wear them in your home environment. One for cotton and linen pants, the popular 7, 5 is ok. It can let you stretch, holiday, fashionable. So, remember this little tricky skills, and it will give you a surprise.

I’ll show you some of my yoga clothes that I wear mostly. I choose the pants which are so comfy and soft. It also no limit to stretch your legs.

  • 2. Yoga Mat

When practicing yoga with the most intimate contact with the body, the better yoga mat to achieve a better effect when performing a yoga pose with lying posture or sitting position.

I like to use two yoga mats at the same time because it is softer when you lay down the mat.

  • 3. Yoga bricks

The auxiliary appliance when doing yoga moves, it is to prevent to do the tall difficult action to pull a wound. The grade of brick is divided by hardness, hardness is harder, support sex is better, weight also increases.

  • 4. Yoga stretches

Yoga stretches generally used to exercise muscle strength, stable posture and control stretching distance. According to the practice needs to choose elastic different tension bands.

  • 5. Yoga eye pillow

Silk cotton fabric yoga pillow is widely used in yoga practice. It will let your body and mind be half asleep, completely relax, and achieve the best practice when it covers your eyes.

To sum up, we don’t need to prepare all of those, but you basically need have yoga cloth and yoga mat. You can choose the accessories for your personal preference.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Yoga Poses Weight Loss

I believe everyone is aware of the flexibility and strength of the body. For the yoga practitioner, we need to have enough strength to complete every action. These ancient meditations not only require you to have strong breathing but also require active muscles in your hip, hip joint and thighs.

However, you don't have to need a dumbbell or something like that to help you increase your strength. And, I am going to teach you 3 simple yoga poses to achieve your aim. At the same time, yoga will help you lose your weight, and you can do it whenever you want. Moreover, daily exercises can help you develop a strong, sexy yoga butt and develop your balance. So, let’s get started!

Here are the yoga poses that I recommend you to do it every day.

1. The chair-type 

In the first place, you need to keep your knees and feet are tight, and then squat down the feet.  you were sitting on a chair. Lift your arms above your head when you were sitting on a chair,

Next, you need to hold the front position, lift your right knee about 12 feet off the ground, and hold the position. After you take three deep breaths, then put your leg down and then lift your left leg to repeat the action twice.

2. Combat type

Firstly, stand with your feet firmly on your feet, then raise your arms above your head and clasp your hands together. For this, you need to remember to keep your shoulders and hips straight and your body facing forward.

Then, keep your left leg is raised, and slowly lower your upper body until the left leg and upper body is parallel to the ground.  Keep this action do three deep breaths, then switch legs. Do it ten times per leg.

You need to keep this in mind: don't bend your back or loosen your clasped hands while doing the action.

3. Pigeon stretching

This can stretch your hips and hips. In the beginning, you need sit on your heels and bend your knees. Keep your shoulders upright and lean forward slightly, then slowly straighten your left leg and place it behind you, landing on your feet.

The second step is stretch your left foot forward toward the front of your right leg while pressing down on your right hip. It doesn't matter if you don't touch it. Hold this position for five deep breaths, then repeat on the other side.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Enjoy the Joy of Meditation.

For yoga, the most important exercise should be meditation. Many people think that the headstand or the other difficult position is the most impirtant.  Or some people think yoga is a kind of sport or performance, such as walking through hot coals, swallowing fire, or be buried under the ground for a few weeks.  This is totally wrong!

 In fact, the practice of yoga is only part of yoga, and the most important part should be meditation. Every yoga movement is helping the practitioner to do it better. And anyone can practice meditation to know yourself and development potential.

Nowadays, human only has one percent to two percent of their potential so far, and it means that we still have more than ninety percent of the potential to be developed. People are always too busy due to the stressful society, so there is no specific direction or place to let the individual sit and think.

Once you get started, and you will find the benefit of meditation. For example, you will realize that you can pay more attention to your study or work.

For me, I often feel sad, and I can not control myself to being negative.  But I think I gradually being positive and more confident when I start meditation.  Because finding the true value of your life can be incredibly helpful. In other words, sitting is the way you can make friends with your inner self and make you became stronger.

In the beginning,  there is few people can cross their leg sitting for a long time, but don’t be worried and anxious. You just need to take your time to practice this action regularly, and then you will gradually realize that you can sit longer than before, you will feel so comfortable. Because your bones and muscles became softer as long as you insist.

On the other hand, you can practice every morning and evening Instead of influencing your daily routine if you are really busy, and this probably will make your daily work more productive.

I have to say that sitting is not a religious practice. It is a spiritual science that has been around for thousands of years. People can explore their inner infinite treasure by sitting quietly instead of restricting themselves to the limited external things, and sitting can expand the mind and contain all things. I hope you can enjoy the joy of meditation.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Advantages of yoga

Today, I really want to let you know the advantage of doing yoga. I hope you will like it. So, Let’s get started!

 In the first place, yoga can appease the people’s emotions and the individual  can be tamed.  The yoga teachers always say that gentlemen are willing to pay their wives to do yoga because they have changed their tempers. This story might be a little bit funny, but it is true. Yoga is not simple twist and twist. You can through the difficulty of competitive action find the peace in your breathing.

Secondly, the most important thing about yoga is relaxation, balance, and tranquility. Once you go to a yoga class, the teacher will tell you to smile at all the time, pay attention to the body, let the body and mind breathe in the pure and vomit the poison. Teachers might love to say that your heart will be relaxed and your body will relax if you smile at the all-time. People who laugh often are naturally beautiful. People who laugh often will be satisfied and will have no distractions.

 The Third, yoga can improve health and prolong life. For instance, some friends say that it feels that yoga is just a way to get over your body after doing yoga. It's all about the seemingly simple and difficult actions.  But, A lot of people aren't going to gym or work out so often in the modern society. Instead, many people get used to staying up, spend tons of time to play games or electricity products. So, people will feel uncomfortable even moving arms and legs. However,  if you start doing yoga, this problem can be solved within one mouth, and you will realize that you are changed.

Next, doing yoga can straighten your spine and increase your confidence. Yoga can enhance self-confidence no matter at any age, any occupation, any gender. And you can be changed if you insist doing yoga above 3 years. You need to believe that yoga has power and magic. You will get a lot of progress as long as you insist.

To sum up, there must have hundreds of benefits that I didn’t mention it, but these things are I actually feel it. It Is will happen to you if you doing it almost every single day. Maybe, you will be changed more than me.

The most important thing is to take your time and walk away. Today is better than yesterday.